Who am I?


I AM a lot of things to a a lot of people.

Giver of Life. Holder of the keys. Way Maker. Nurturer. Healer. Encourager. Peacemaker. Lover, and much more.


When I enter my garden. I am God's child. Farmer, Gardener. Caregiver. Steward. There is a stillness here, that calms hearts and feeds souls, as I walk through and tend the garden. I grow organically because nature is strong. If you provide for her, she will provide for you. I marvel at all that was given us from a tiny seed. I am at peace. I am the inhale and the exhale. I am love and light and happiness. I am what my logo embodies. Strong and beautiful and proud. The "hood" may be where I reside, but my soul soars. When I harvest seeds, I do so with Joy and love, when I create from the fruits of my labor, I do so with care, joy and love.

My company is about Quality and care, about seed to table, about self-sufficiency and organic growth in every sense of the word. Sharing harvests and teaching new generations. About adding the spice back into our lives and holding our heads high, Taking chances and trying new things. For more than 6 years this has been a labor of love. 

I appreciate your supporting my dream. I don't take it for granted that you are here, helping invest in me. Your time, your space, your resources are important. I appreciate YOU! Thank you.