Lavender Vanilla/Orange Hibiscus/Lemon Ginger/hot Infused Honey

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(Free Shipping on this product) These 4 packs of infused honey are like an all-purpose flavor bomb! You will receive one 3 ounce jar of each flavor. The Lavender Vanilla is great in an evening cup of tea. Lemon Ginger in a cup of tea for when you are feeling under the weather, or to brighten up a glass of lemonade. Orange Hibiscus for a nice pick me up in the morning, drizzled over toast or into a glass full of ice and sweet tea! Finally, The classic Hot Honey, great for dinnertime, drizzled over a crispy piece of chicken, or mixed into your favorite condiment for a sweet, spicy twist!

The 4 flavors:

Lavender Vanilla, made using pure honey, fresh whole Madagascar vanilla beans and Lavender Pods.

Orange Hibiscus, made using pure honey, fresh organic oranges and dried hibiscus flowers.

Lemon Ginger, is made using pure honey, fresh dried organic lemons, and organic dried ginger.

Hot Pepper Honey, made with pure honey and a variety of dried hot and super hot peppers. Including but not limited to; scorpion peppers, habanero peppers, fatalii, cayenne, and ring of fire

What makes my honey different? It is not a sauce, there are no added ingredients other than what is in the name. It comes in beautiful 3-ounce reusable glass jars. Adorned with a bee charm that can be added to a bracelet or necklace and a beautiful 3-inch honey dipper! These would make great gifts or beautiful additions for a baby shower or wedding table as favors.

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