Brazilian Starfish (Yellow) Pepper Seeds

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This Rare Yellow variation of the Brazilian Starfish Pepper is absolutely beautiful. This ornamental pepper sacrifices nothing in taste. Brazilian Starfish is a very prolific bush, it can be grown in a container, or in-ground, this pepper's pretty star shape is a great addition to any landscape! Its transformation all at once from green to a burst of beautiful yellow peppers is stunning to behold. Staking or caging is recommended because this baby likes to spread!

With its floral and fruity taste, it smells like a tropical paradise! Yielding serrano type heat, this makes good for snacking, salsa, salads, sauces...anything you can think of!

This pepper is very easy to grow and performs best in moist, well-draining soil that receives at least 8 hours of sun.

  •  SHU (Scoville Heat Units) 30,000-50,000
  • Grown organically
  • Open-pollinated

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